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 Minutes of Club Meetings 2019
WACAC Club meeting 5th November 2019

 A talk was given by Morton of the Environment Agency on the subject of top mouth Gudgeon on Milkhope pond

Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed

The Carp on order for the 2 ponds has been cancelled. However, Bream and Tench are expected for Horton Grange in November / December. The QE2 carp are still on schedule for the end of December

Memberships report seniors 283 OAPs 139 Juniors 46 total 468

Cash in hand £270.07, all bills paid and up-to-date

Raffle and break

Milkhope work to do when it's offline. Gravel is in the car park to use on pegs

Any other business

Milkhope will take approximately 3 months from start to finish to complete the eradication of top mouth Gudgeon so the pond should be open by spring

The next meeting is the presentation night

Meeting closed at 9 p.m.

WACAC Club 1st October 2019

Last month’s minutes read and agreed

QEII Carp due in December – 4 x Class 5 and 12-14 Class 4. Other ponds bream 2-3 lb, Tench to 5lb. Next year’s carp ordered for ponds also is due in March

Fontburn roach will not be removed this year due to the water authority selling more coarse tickets

Carp overnight result – Lee Cairns 1 fish for 17lb. Previous match again Lee Cairns for 1 fish 13lb 2 oz.

All waters fishing well. A lot of big perch coming out of Horton. Milkhope carp in abundance with Colin Bailey catching 9 carp in one session. Nets of silvers to 28lb from the QEII

Memorial match this weekend. Next month sees the start of the winter league. Also a carp match on the 12th October.

Break / raffle

Membership stands at Seniors 277 OAP/Disabled 139 and Juniors 44 making a total of 460 so far.

If you need the toilet, please do it away from the peg and paths. Please use the net dips on the three smaller ponds.

Work party on Wednesday at Milkhope

An angler has recently caught a large bream with a No. 10 hook with 15lb line attached. Some anglers need to be educated so random line checks will be done.

The fish deaths at Brenkley were not attributed to any disease or oxygen deficiency but just one of those things according the to Environment Agency.

Meeting closed 8:25pm

WACAC Club meeting 3rd September 2019

Minutes from the last meeting were read and agreed

Ernie has done an exceptional job on Brenkley pond by co-ordinating with the Environment Agency about the recent fish deaths. We need more members to help look after the ponds.

Willie Thomas – Can we clean up the weed and rushes at Horton Grange?

Matches for August were read out

Break & Raffle

Treasurer – We have £125.57 cash in hand and all rents and payments are up to date

The carp have been ordered for QEII. Horton and Milkhope will receive Tench and Bream

The keepnet ban is lifted with the exception of Brenkley but the 6pm curfew remains in place for other waters. There are net dips for anglers to use before fishing.

Meeting closed 8:50 pm

WACAC Club meeting 2nd July 2019

Minutes from the last meeting were read and agreed

Membership stands at seniors 225, OAP/Disabled 126, Juniors 35 making a total of 386.

All waters seem to be fishing well.

OAP/Disable matches results.
Match 3 1st Nigel Beardsley 16lb 8oz, 2nd John Bull 8lb and 3rd Ian Davison 6lb 10oz.
Match 4 1st John Bull 4lb 5oz, 2nd Burglass 3lb 30z and
Match 5 1st Terry Glennie 6lb 3oz, Colin Bailey 6lb 4oz and Ian Davison 5lb 10oz

Match results – E Series5 Horton Grange. 1st Vince Dack 21lb 2oz, 2nd Alan Thompson 15lb 12oz and 3rd Craig Goodall 8lb 2oz. Bear Park 1st Chris Weddell 46lb 11oz, 2nd Tony Dixon 23lb 8oz and 3rd Ian Fenwick 12lb 7oz.

Events – E series 7th Horton Grange and 18th August Milkhope. Carp overnight 13thand 10th August, Old’ns and young’ns Milkhope14th, 28th Woodlands Curlew


Pole floats for sale

Keepnets must be out of the water by 6pm

Brenkley groundbait. No balling in. Be sensible. Also consider changing to barbless hooks for all waters

No meeting in August – Meeting closed 8:20pm

WACAC Club meeting 2nd April 2019

The AGM took place and ended with a raffle

Last month’s Minutes were Read and agreed

As stated in the AGM, the club mourns the loss of Les Evans who was a big influence on how the club operates its principals. Our thoughts are with his family at this time

Events coming up. Rod & Line this weekend and Woodlands Curlew at the end of the month.

Members are asked to be careful when using club waters. The ground is slippery around the pegs.

The fished stocked earlier are doing well with some good catches being reported. The club will likely continue with stocking larger fish next year.

The QEII is due for some work to be carried out by removal of the reeds from in front of the pegs. A digger plus volunteer driver has been approached so the work will go ahead when the ground is suitable. There are bags of gravel at Horton Grange which anyone is free to use on the pegs there to fill in the holes. Wire mesh has been earmarked for the front of the pegs to help with grip.

Netting waters. We have been advised to net our waters to gauge the population and condition of the fish we stock. Date to be agreed

AOB – Grant Downie, would the committee consider allowing ground bait in the winter to keep the fish fed?

Memberships – Seniors 158, OAP/Disabled 91, Juniors 6, U 12’s 22 = 277

Meeting closed 8:57 PM

WACAC Club meeting 5th March 2019

Last month’s minutes read and agreed

There was a large stocking of bream at Horton Grange along with 100lb of Tench. Milkhope received Carp between 2-3lb, bream and Tench. Brenkley also received Carp between 2-3lb with bream and Crucian carp. This complements the QEII stocking before Christmas.

There are reports of people fishing club waters that are not members. Please report anything suspicious and check memberships when you can.

Work parties this year will include the roads between Milkhope and Horton Grange when the gravel becomes available. Priority for the QEII is the removal of reeds from in front of some pegs and fencing around Brenkley at the back of peg 22. We will need a good attendance from members to achieve this

Events. There are still 2 winter league matches to fish followed by 2 rod and lines matches. Curlew lake at Woodlands is our first away trip. All waters are fishing well

The AGM is 2nd April and any proposed changes to the constitution need to be submitted to the committee at least 2 weeks prior.

Break & Raffle

Treasurer – We have £94.98 cash in hand

Memberships stand at Seniors 119 OAP/Dis 81 Juniors 4 and U 12’s 16 making a total of 220 so far

AOB – There was a rod picked up on the main road outside Horton Grange. We have 3-4mm pellets for sale. We have floats for sale.


Meeting closed at 8:35pm

WACAC Club meeting 5th February 2019

Minutes read and agreed

Pools money ballot – Decision to increase the pools money for away matches to £3.00 was carried. All pools split will be 50% 30% 20%

QEII partly frozen but no reports of any catches. A family of otters have been reported on the lake and 3 dead carp have been found

Break & Raffle

Memberships – Sen 66 OAP 43 Jun 2 U12 5 giving a total of 116

Treasurers report was given

TAA subs for this year have been waived

Up and coming events read out and a match sheet was distributed for SSL 1 at Woodlands Curlew lake

Pellets have been ordered 3 & 4 mm

The committee are organising gravel and stone for the pegs at HG and Milkhope.

Meeting closed 8:40pm

WACAC Club Meeting 8th January 2019

Horton Grange – Gravel replaced on some pegs thanks to the hard work of Bill Patterson and friend (John?)

Six away matches for 2019

Pools discussed. No increase yet. Discuss further at February’s meeting so everyone can think about it before then

The QEII trophy will be a 2 match miniseries accumulating points from both matches

The committee have plans to remove some of the weed from in front of some of the pegs at the QEII using a digger.

Break / Raffle

Brenkley is fishing for bits but it’s slow going. Little and often is the key

Milkhope is still fishing OK

Horton Grange anglers are catching small fish

The QEII is quiet – no reports received

Fishing columns in local papers have ceased. The Sunday Sun, Chronicle and Journal.

Has anyone access to a digger?

The roadway at Horton Grange is in need of repair.

Meeting closed at 20:45


Monthly Club Meetings.

The Plough

Middle Farm Buildings
Village Square
Cramlington NE23 1DN
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