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 Membership Totals.

Membership totals for 2021 are as follows - Seniors 460 - Oap & Disabled 192 - Juniors 72. That gives a total of 724.
28TH JULY 2021

Summer League Woodlands Curlew

1st Eric Brown 99lb 8oz Peg 22

2nd Keith Melnyk 86lb 14oz Peg 18

3rd Brendan Heslop 74lb 13oz Peg 14

Some good weights by all. 12 Anglers fished

Oldn's and Youngn's Horton Grange

1st Dean Cox 13lb 2oz Peg 24

2nd Alan Thompson 12lb 6oz Peg 34

3rd Colin Bailey 11lb 14oz Peg 32

Junior on the day Kane Mitcheson 1 lb 0oz Peg 2


10TH JULY 2021

Keepnet Ban in Place

On all waters from now until further notice unless a club match.

The EA have again looked at Milkhope pond with a promise of sorting out the invasive species of Top Mouth Gudgeon but anglers can still fish the pond with plenty of good quality fish coming out at present.

A reported 31lb 2oz carp has been caught on the QEII Lake. Again plenty of mixed species being caught.

Carp overnighter this weekend

Summer League Eden Grange - September trip

Now changed from 26th September to 19th of September

Summer League Eden Grange - June trip

1st Eric brown 57lb 3oz

2nd Michael Knox 56lb 6oz

3rd Colin Bailey 54lb 3oz

16 Anglers Fished

E Series Horton Grange

1st Grant Downie 21lb Peg 18

2nd Eric Brown 18lb 8oz Peg 2

3rd Colin Bailey 15lb 7oz Peg 12

15 Anglers fished. Good weights with fish being caught all over the lake.


25th June 2021

OAP / Disabled Match 3 Result

Fished on Tuesday at Brenkley pond

1st Ernie Playford 7lb 13oz Peg 24

2nd Eric Brown 4lb Peg 12

3rd Mike Horsefall & James Newton 1lb 2oz Pegs 16 & 29

20th June 2021

E Series 4 Result

Fished on Horton Grange Lake. Reasonable weights but the big boys were few and far between

1st Terry Mather 17lb 6oz Peg 6

2nd Tony Dixon 14lb 5oz Peg 26

3rd Jeff Lincoln 12lb 6oz Peg 12


18th June 2021

E Series 3 Result

Fished on Brenkley Pond. The excuse was 'it's too hot for the fish'. Hence a poor catch return.

1st Grant Downie 5lb 9oz Peg 12

2nd Jeff Lincoln 4lb 14½oz Peg 28

3rd Colin Bailey 2lb 13oz Peg 18


8th June 2021

Pairs Match Result

Deadly duo strike again!

Winners Tony Dixon & Mike Roper 26lb 1oz

Runners Up Dean Cox and Michael Knox 23lb 4oz

Fished at Horton Grange. Dean lost a huge Tench when his landing net snapped (yes it was that heavy!) but also managed to catch a new club record Tench weighing 5lb 8½oz.

QEII Lake venue for this years British Triathlon event

Takes place on July 10th. Athletes will be swimming in the lake in the morning so anglers please refrain from fishing until after lunch that day.


3rd June 2021

OAP/Disabled match Results

Here is the result of first match 

1. Keith MELNYK         (peg 25)       1lb 12ozs

2. James NEWTON     (peg 29)       1lb 0ozs

3. Ernie  PLAYFORD    (peg 21)       13ozs


 Here is the result of the second match

1. Keith MELNYK           (peg 12)   25lb 10ozs (Possible match record for HG)

2. Nigel BEARDSLEY      (peg  20)  12lb 08ozs

3. Colin BAILEY             (peg  18)  11lb 07ozs 

25th May 2021

Summer League Woodlands Curlew

Fished last Sunday but disappointing  weights.  Carp were in the corners but not really interested elsewhere. 14 Anglers fished.

1st Chris Weddell 47lb 150z peg 13

2nd Grant Dunbar 35lb 2oz Peg 24

3rd Tony Dixon 34lb 11oz Peg 1

Brenkley Carp active

A nice size carp from Brenkley caught by Tony Dixon



16th May 2021

Match 2 E Series

Fished at Horton Grange today.  20 Anglers in attendance. Not many bream showing but roach aplenty. Rain and cold was the excuse of the day but the fish are getting ready to spawn judging by their condition.

1st Grant Downie 19lb 9 oz Peg 36 (despite breaking his pole in the first ½ hr)

2nd Jeff Lincoln 18lb 3oz Peg 15

3rd Dean Cox 14lb 12oz peg 20

OAP/Disabled matches start this Tuesday


13th May 2021

QEII Overnighter 1

Won by Lee Cairns with a brace of fish 20lb 9oz and 19lb 4oz

12 Anglers braved the cold night session last weekend




2nd May 2021

Match 1 E Series

Fished at Horton Grange today.  24 Anglers in attendance with large bream and Ide making up the bulk of the weights.

1st Vince Dack 21lb 13 oz Peg 28

2nd Grant Downie 19lb 3oz Peg 5

3rd Tony Dixon 14lb 7oz peg 32


1st May 2021

Message from the Tyne Anglers' Alliance

Killingworth Lake has re-instated the 2 night / 10 Angler allowance but still keeping the road bank on the big lake out of bounds for now.

A reminder of a couple of rules:

34.         Any club member, who on any club controlled waters, away trip or exchange ticket water, is found to be in possession of, and, or under the influence of alcohol, prohibited drugs or substances (e.g. solvents) will be expelled from the Alliance forthwith.

35.         All anglers must dispose of all biological waste (human waste), bagged and removed from the water.


27th April 2021


The Facebook page 'WACAC MEMBERS' has nothing to do with the club and sometimes reports inaccurate or out of date information.  WACAC has a Facebook page for information and chat as well as this website now, and everyone visiting  the 'WACAC MEMBERS' Facebook page must bear in mind that this does not represent club affairs nor does it give up to date information. You can also contact the club HERE


25th April 2021

Waters Update

The Environment Agency still intends to clear Milkhope of predation but when? is the question.  In the meantime feel free to fish the water as often as you like but bear in mind there are no keepnets allowed and you MUST dip your landing net before and after fishing.  There are carp around 4lb coming out regularly and plenty of smaller fish too.

QEII is slow but there are some decent carp being caught as well as silvers. Night fishing, for members only, is producing but most carp are coming out during the day.

Brenkley has woken up since the stocking and carp up to 2lb are being caught regularly on 'THE METHOD' here's a VIDEO to get you started.

For a change of species there are large bream coming out of Horton Grange on waggler, pole and feeder. A fishmeal based groundbait mix with simple baits such as maggots often snare a 5lb+ specimen. Fish are starting to be caught all round the lake now

Away trip to the Oaks Maple Lake

1st Chris Weddell 74lb 5oz

2nd Dean Cox 31lb 12oz

3rd Grant Dunbar 29lb 10oz

Rod and Line Matches (2)

Match 1

1st 18lb 4oz

2nd Dean Cox 8lb 14 oz

3rd Tim Richardson 6lb 1 oz which included a near 5lb Tench

Match 2

1st Eric Brown 14lb 0oz

2nd Dean Cox 12lb 3oz

3rd Brendan Heslop 7lb 14 oz

Overall winner with an aggregate weight of 26lb 0oz Vince Dack, 2nd Dean Cox with 21lb 01oz and 3rd Eric Brown with 15lb 10oz. 26 anglers took part over the two matches.



23rd April 2021

Sorry for the lack of information but hopefully we are back on line

As most of you know, some Covid restrictions have been lifted.

Night fishing on QEII and Brenkley is on again.  Matches have resumed

The website will be updated over the next few days so please be a little more patient.

Only the events calendar has been updated so far.


29th December 2020

Something To Cheer About

The QEII, Brenkley and Horton have all received a recent stocking of fish.

Carp for the QEII and Brenkley. Bream for Horton Grange.

The events/matches list has been posted on the left hand side Menu column.







Horton Grange




30th November 2020

Winter League Resumes

The winter league resumes this Sunday after consulting the Angling Trusts website advice.

Local competitions within T3 areas and social distancing apply


5th November 2020

Here We Go Again

Following lockdown, as we understand it, these are the guidelines from the Angling Trust

Can we fish during lockdown? Yes follow the rule of 2

Can I travel to fish? Yes but it is recommended you fish locally and avoid unnecessary travel

Can I Night Fish? Yes but this may change if the local council decides not to allow it

Are matches allowed? No competitions or organised fishing 'gatherings' allowed

I display Covid symptoms, can I still fish? No, self isolate and follow the government guidelines.

2021 Membership

For the foreseeable future, membership applications will be by post or through Billy's Fishing Tackle 28 Saville Street North Shields. You must ring ahead on tel. 0191 259 6262.

Winter League Match Result

1st Derek Dixon 6lb 12oz

2nd Barry Evans 6lb 1oz

3rd Eric Brown 3lb 15oz

QEII Day Tickets Set to Rise

As of 1st January 2021, the QEII Day tickets will be increased to £4.00 for juniors OAP and Disabled, £8.00 for seniors.


21st October 2020

RIP John Bull

We have just been informed that WACAC member John Bull passed away a few days ago.

John was a long time member of the club as well as part of the committee. John always had noteworthy conversation and took a genuine interest in club affairs.  He will be fondly remembered by all his fellow anglers


19th October 2020

Winter League Match 1 Result Horton Grange

1st Chris Summersun 5lb 6oz

2nd Colin Bailey 4lb 12oz

3rd Barry Evans 4lb 3½oz

A good turn out with more than half the pegs drawn. Fishing for bits today as no decent bream showing.

Next match on Horton Grange Sunday 1st November - Lake closed

2019/2020 Winter League Placings

Despite losing 2 matches from the calendar, the last winter league finished early and was a close contest for places with the following result:

1st Vince Dack 9 points

2nd John Bull 17 points

3rd Joint Colin Bailey / Eric Brown 18 points


12th October 2020


The keepnet ban has now been lifted on all waters with the exception of Milkhope pond which is still under the Environment Agency jurisdiction


1st Vince Dack 15lb 09oz

2nd Tony Dixon 9lb 12 oz

3rd Keith Melnyck 5lb 15oz


4th September 2020


Despite the recent influx of water the net ban will remain in place on all waters. However, the first club match on Horton Grange on 4th October should see the restrictions lifted thereafter. The lake will be closed for the match on that day.

No word from the Environment Agency as yet on Milkhope so the keepnet ban will remain in place indefinitely.

Away Trip - Oaks Cedar

1st Eric Brown 43lb 15oz

2nd Davey Jobe 26lb 9oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 15lb 9oz

Didn't fish great but a pleasant enough day with a shower or two

Next match Bear Park Durham 27th September.


28th July 2020


A keepnet ban will remain in place during the low water levels on all waters for the time being.  This is to ensure the welfare of the fish.

Away Trip - Eden Grange Results

1st Chris Summersun 45lb 15oz

2nd Dan Cox 38lb 5oz

3rd Colin bailey 37lb 2oz

Fish a plenty in this up and coming match lake with many bags of 20lb + considering the size of the fish.

Next trip 23rd August The oaks, Cedar then Bear Park 27th September

A reminder that Horton Grange will be hosting a memorial match on 4th October.


20th July 2020

Eden Grange away trip this Sunday

Woodlands Away trip result

Fished on Curlew Lake

1st Terry Glenny 105lb 6 oz

2nd Davey Jobe 62lb 8 oz

3rd Chris Weddell 58lb 8 oz

Brenkley on cracking form

Mark Mowbray with an 18lb 8oz common carp caught on Brenkley a few days ago. Some nice carp still being caught



24th June 2020

Night Fishing Has Been Re-instated on QEII

The council has confirmed that night fishing can now go ahead on the QEII.

Remember that social distancing measures are still applicable



7th June 2020

No Further Information Regarding Covid-19

Woodlands are allowing visitors to their lakes and asked WACAC if they wish to attend the scheduled trip for Sunday 28th June. If we can get a minimum of 10 anglers to commit then we will go ahead.  Please ring the club phone 07729784660 if you wish to fish on that day.

The only planned matches on WACAC lakes will be the memorial match on October 4th then possibly the Winter league thereafter depending on the social distancing guidelines at those times


The QEII is producing plenty of double figure carp plus good mixed bags of silver fish

Brenkley Carp

Despite the poor return of the Brenkley netting operation for carp, there are plenty being caught.

Horton Grange

Plenty of fish being caught on the top with a good number of bream between 2-3lb being caught over groundbait

Milkhope Carp

A nice 9lb 11oz Mirror Carp from Milkhope


26th May 2020

Night Fishing Still Not Allowed on QEII

Still no change on night fishing - Not allowed at all

Plenty Carp coming out during the day on QEII

Milkhope and Brenkley fishing well for a good mixture of fish

Horton Grange big boys are showing up with a good head of Skimmers and roach. The odd decent Ide is a welcome change.

A  6lb 2oz Bream from Horton Grange - I think he needs to buy a bigger net!



18th May 2020

Night Fishing Not Allowed on QEII

Following a conversation with the council we have been informed that night fishing will not be allowed on the QEII at this time and we must follow the Government instruction which requires people to return to their home each night.



17th May 2020

Corona Virus Update

Night fishing is now allowed on the QEII only but still no keepnets

No night fishing allowed on Brenkley and no Keepnets

Horton Grange No Keepnets

Milkhope No Keepnets



11th May 2020

Fishing Commences

But with restrictions as follows:

All waters open to fishing as from 7am on Wednesday 13th May

QEII no keepnets and Fishing Dawn till Dusk then you must vacate your peg - No overnight stay at this time

Brenkley no keepnets

Milkhope no keepnets

Horton Grange no keepnets and top car park for OAP and Disabled members only




26th March 2020

Corona virus Statement

All club events including meetings, trips and matches have been suspended until further notice. All ponds will remain closed until advised otherwise.  Members are asked to take heed of the government guidelines and stay at home wherever possible.


Winter league Match 8

1st Vince Dack 10lb 15oz

2nd Brendan Heslop 3lb 8oz

3rd John Bull 2lb 5½oz


20th March 2020

AGM Postponed Until Further Notice

This years AGM will not take place in April and there will be no meetings for the foreseeable future.

Winter League 10 Result

1st Tony Dixon 10lb 15oz from peg 32 see picture below

2nd Jack Blenkinsop 7lb 10oz peg 31

3rd Eric Brown 4lb 3½oz peg 3

Despite blustery conditions a few good sized bream were caught



9th March 2020

Only a couple of weeks left to renew your subs for 2020 before you have to pay the joining fee again.

The AGM takes place on the 7th of April 7:30 prompt at the Plough Cramlington

Any proposals for changes to the constitution must be received in writing 2 weeks prior.

QEII Stocked

With 5 class 5 and 14 Class 4 common carp

Brenkley Netted

The EA netted Brenkley in February to find out what kind of fish we had in there.

Unfortunately they only netted the first 10 pegs and dragged a token net through pegs 12 to 15.  No carp were found but there was an abundance of skimmer bream.

Winter League Results

Match 9

1st Vince Dack 7lb 15½oz Peg 36

2nd Eric Brown 5lb 6oz Peg 32

3rd Craig Goodall 5lb 2oz Peg 30

Breezy conditions but not too cold

Match 8 rescheduled for 22nd March by consent

Match 7

1st john Bull 2lb 1½oz

2nd Colin Bailey 1lb 12½oz

3rd Jack Blenkinsop 1lb 4oz

Match 6

1st Eric Brown 9½oz

2nd John Bull 3oz

3rd Craig Goodall 2oz

A thoroughly exhilarating match with only ounces in it!


8th January 2020

QEII Carp Stocking

The overdue carp order for the QEII will at last be delivered this Sunday 12th at around 8:30 am. Members welcome to watch the stocking and view the fish

Carp Matches

The carp match dates can be found on the left in Events/Matches. These were a late edition so you may not have an events sheet with them on.

Milkhope Treatment May 2020

After much deliberation, the EA have set a date to treat Milkhope pond.  Members can fish there until May when it will be closed for treatment for approximately 3 months.

Groundbait on Brenkley

Groundbait will be allowed in moderation on Brenkley for the first time with a maximum of 1kg dry mix per session. This will be in place for the next 2 years and results will be reviewed at that time.

Keepnet Ban

Is still in place after 5pm for all waters

Winter league match

Match 5 of the winter league fished last Sunday 5th January returned a good 12lb + bag of bream for Craig Goodall who won the match on peg 6


Monthly Club Meetings.

The Plough

Middle Farm Buildings
Village Square
Cramlington NE23 1DN
Still the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (no meeting August)
Membership covers 8 waters
WACAC QEII Country Park N55.19629° W1.55194°
WACAC Brenkley Pond N55.07129° W1.64858°
WACAC Horton Grange Lake N55.07741° W1.67857°
WACAC Milkhope Lake N55.08015° W1.67571°
TAA Killingworth Lake N55.03154° W1.56987°
TAA Throckley Reigh N54.98674° W1.76449°
TAA River Tyne Newburn N54.98330° W1.75004°
TAA      Wydon Burn          MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE THROUGH HEXHAM ANGLERS N54.96418° W2.110603°
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