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Membership totals for 2014 so far are as follows - Senior=120 - Oap & Disabled=62 - Juniors=2 and under 12's=9. That gives a total of 193.
22d April 2014

QEII carp taking baits

Alan Dunlop landed a nice brace of mirror carp at the QEII recently.

9lb + & 12lb +

The carp are slowly turning to anglers baits. Chris Weddell has had carp over 10lb on his pop up biolie chod rig(s).

The pike are also obliging with Michael Scott landing a 22lb specimen last month

Horton bag up time

Horton Grange is still producing bag full's of roach over 1lb.  Just ask regular Gary Foster who is catching large roach every trip and Colin Greally who is also a regular. With cormorant activity curtailed over the winter a bumper Summer looks likely. Try off the bottom and even just 18" deep. You will be surprised where the fish are!

Brenkley for mixed species

Brenkley's fish population are giving good sport to anglers. Hold back on the bait for some consistent catches of bream, tench and roach. Again Gary Foster is catching decent roach

Milkhope still patchy

Not many people fishing Milkhope but pick your spot and a net full of fish can be had.  Decent roach coming out on the Waggler and single red maggot. Don't be fooled into thinking that it's the sticklebacks having a go when the float won't go completely under, it's the smaller roach. The water is well coloured at the moment so the pole might be worth a try


13th March 2014

Work party this weekend

Saturday morning 15th March meet at Horton Grange.  Build some more cormorant deterrents for Horton and Milkhope. Between 10am and noon.  Just a couple of hours


07 March 2014

AGM 1st April

Any proposals for constitutional changes must be submitted in writing and signed by 18th March

QEII pike thriving

Towards the back end of last year and the start of this year the lake has yielded  a number of 20lb + fish for anglers

Horton Grange best for roach

Last Novembers stocking of big Roach from Fontburn have kept anglers busy over the last month.  Anglers are reporting regular 20lb bags and in some confirmed reports nets over 50lb of specimen roach averaging 1lb. Double maggot works best.

Stocked last week

Carp 8-10"  Tench 6-8"  Bream 8-10"  Crucian Carp 4-5"

Brenkley  100 Bream 200 Tench 100 Carp 100 Crucians

Milkhope 200 Bream 300 Tench 100 Crucians

Horton Grange 200 Bream 200 Tench


14 th February 2014

Winter League final three

1st Brendan Heslop

2nd Keith Melnyk

3rd Tommy Smith


26th January 2014

Winter League 7

On the day

1st Nigel Beardsley & G Goodall both with 2lb 3oz

2nd John Reynolds 1lb 9½oz

In the league

1st Brendan Heslop 1lb ½oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 15oz

3rd Tommy Smith 9½oz

Fished in atrocious conditions until the last hour when the rain stopped and the hurricane blew itself out.


6th January 2014

Winter League 6

1st Keith Melnyk 5lb 2oz

2nd Tony Dixon 4lb ½oz

3rd Brendan Heslop 2lb 7½oz

A challenging day spent breaking the ice for the first half hour but the roach are on top form with one fish weighing almost 2lb


Chairman's Address 2013

Seasons Greetings to all our members

Well once a gain its been a year of mixed results for members fishing the club waters.

 Horton Grange

the clubs main match water has produced some mixed bags of roach, Rudd, perch & Ide, with the odd tench, summer matches being won with weights of 7-8lb, this year added to of the normal stocking Horton also received a stock of 300lb roach from Fontburn, most fish averaging 10oz but with quite a few well over the pound. So well worth a try winter or summer.

 Brenkley pond

 This is the oldest of our ponds and is well stocked with bream carp tench Rudd, ide and roach, but can be a bit finicky at times, but with the right approach a good days fishing can be had all year round.


 This pond had a lot of work done to it to make it deeper and improve the platforms. The pond is a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment as its only been stocked recently and not a lot of anglers fishing it, despite there being a good head of roach Rudd tench bream and small carp.

 QE2 Lake

The QE2 has had one of its best years ever, not only for carp but pike, bream and roach.

Chris Weddle found himself with lots of time on his hands and was able to put together a great carp campaign. Almost every method worked for him, solid bags and single hook baits being top of the list. The key was to find the area that the fish were in. He had fish to 23lb 12oz but other anglers have caught 24lb and 25lb fish. It was not unusual for Chris to catch 10 plus fish in one session.

 The Bream that that were stocked many years ago still make the odd appearance. Each year they have put on even more weight, with some now over the magical 10lb barrier and reports of one now being over fourteen pounds in weight.

 The club had a successful QE2 Trophy Match where over 5 lb was needed to get in the top 3. These sorts of bags of Roach and Rudd were common for pleasure anglers.

 Pike angler Alan Reed showed the way during October with two pike over the magical 20lb barrier, but there were reports of a 25 lb pike being caught in June.

 November saw the first carp stocking from VS Fisheries. This fish strain having been bred by SKY Sports Thinking Tackle contributor and Fish Scientist Simon Scott. A further order has been placed for 2015 but will be the bigger year group C5 (14-16lb). It is hoped that this fast growing strain will push through and become some of the biggest fish in the North East.

 But the club is not just about the fishing, these waters need to to maintained, so If you can spend a few hours to attend a work party and do what ever you can. it would be greatly appreciated.

 Wishing all our members all the best for the new year.

 Tony Dixon



18th December 2013

Fur and feather result

1st Bill Prideaux 1lb 5oz

2nd Davey Jobe 1lb 1oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 0.4oz


The winter league crew. A few hardy souls who fish through the winter months


8th December 2013

Winter League 5

1st Brendan Heslop 3lb 3oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 2lb 14oz

3rd Tommy Smith 1lb 3oz

A blustery day.  Presentation was difficult

Don't forget the fur and feather next week.  Bring a prize to exchange with fellow anglers, bottle of plonk, tin of biscuits, box of choccies etc. to the value of about £3.00.


1st December 2013

New carp for the QEII

An sample of the C4 carp from VS fisheries stocked into the QEII yesterday.  Weighing 10+ we expect these to be knocking on for 30lb + in 4 to 5 years and maybe even 40lb with any luck.

The committee will continue stocking this fast growing bloodline of fish every couple of years.


24th November 2013

Winter League 4

1st Willy Thomas 3lb 14oz

2nd Tony Dixon 2lb 2oz

3rd Brendan Heslop 2lb 1oz

A pleasant day but bites were not consistent for most


21st November 2013

Winter League 3

1st Keith Melnyk 3lb 3oz

2nd Tommy Smith 1lb 1oz

3rd Terry Mather 1lb ½oz


13th November 2013

Last trip to Fontburn

Fewer anglers turned up today to what proved to be a difficult session for some.  The wind created an undertow making bait presentation difficult.  However, anglers still managed to net a weight of 37lb of roach which were stocked into Milkhope.  The total weight of roach from Fontburn reservoir for 2013 is 351lb. A very worth while exercise.

Presentation evening venue change

The Dudley and Weetslade club is now closed so the club has changed it's presentation evening to The Dudley Social Club at Western Terrace Dudley, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 7JF.  Just next to the Dudley and Weetslade club.  The other side of the railway bridge.


10th November 2013

Fontburn Roach

Despite falling winds in the latter part of the day anglers still managed 92lb of prime roach.  That make 314lb so far.

This Wednesday 13th is the last chance for 2013


7th November 2013

Winter league 2nd match

1st Terry Mather 4lb 3 oz

2nd Jack Blenkinsop 1lb 10oz

3rd Tommy Smith 1lb ½oz

Fontburn Roach

Two bumper days for anglers with weights of 127lb and 95lb.  That makes 222lb of fish thus far.  The weather was kind on both days. Groundbait feeder with a combination of coloured and white maggot seemed to favour anglers. All went into Horton Grange.  Still 2 days to go.


15th October 2013

Dates for Fontburn Roach transfer

Sunday November 3rd

Wednesday November 6th

Sunday November 10th (winter league match will be on 17th November)

Wednesday November 13th

Fish from 9:00 am until 3pm - All anglers must register at the lodge before fishing

Unfortunately, this year it will cost each angler £5.00 each visit and the club will put the other £5.00 towards the price of the day ticket. That's the best we can do.

First Winter League Horton

1st Brendan Heslop 1lb 14oz

2nd Vince Dack 1lb 7oz

3rd Tony Dixon 9oz

On a rather inclement day

Last Summer League match Redwood Park

1st George Emmerson 19lob 14oz

2nd Harry Wade 14lb 11oz

3rd Tommy Smith 10lb 5oz


16th September 2013

Evening Series Brenkley 15tht September

1st Vince Dack 4lb 3oz

2nd Colin Bailey 3lb 2oz

3rd Brendan Heslop 2lb 5oz

OAP Disabled series 2013 overall Result

Les Evans         1st           8 Points

Jim Appleby       jnt 2nd  11 Points

Albert Robson   jnt 2nd  11 Points

Keith Melnyk     3rd         13 Points

Full table in 'Match Results'


1st September 2013

Evening Series Horton 1st September

1st Tony Dixon 4lb 13oz

2nd Ian Hunter 3lb 3½oz

3rd Vince Dack & Terry Mather 2lb 6oz

Another blustery day but fish still biting

Senior Summer league Carpvale 25th August

1st Chris Weddell 37lb 10½oz

2nd Les Evans 21lb 11oz

3rd Harry Wade 20 7oz

Maggot did the damage on a very peggy match pool. Some swims were the proverbial 'parrot cages' with many carp making a beeline for the reeds and grasses, immediately transferring the hook.  A frustrating day for some.


23rd August 2013

QEII Trophy

1st Tony Dixon 6lb 14oz

2nd Ian Bullock 6lb 12oz

3rd Vince Dack 5lb 10oz

Excellent days fishing, loads of fish with some big roach and Rudd showing

Summer league Carpvale

This Sunday.

There is no tackle shop on site so bring your own

EA Championship River Tyne

1st Matty Prudhoe 46lb 12oz

2nd Paul Stainsby 38lb 12oz

3rd John Parkinson 26lb 4oz

4th Stevie Wood 19lb 4oz

5th Tommy Marshall 19lb 2oz

Winning Team Marys tackle 74lb 8oz

98 x Anglers fished 33 double figures

10 x Section winners and runners up also paid out


13th August 2013

Evening Series Horton

1st Tony Dixon 5lb 2½oz

2nd Terry Mather 2lb 0oz

3rd Ian Hunter 1lb 15½oz

A couple of nice tench secured victory on a blustery day


30th July 2013

Evening Series Horton

1st Terry Mather 8lb 13oz

2nd Tony Dixon 3lb 8oz

3rd Ian Hunter 2lb 4½oz

Most fish caught from the shallows around the island

Summer series Woodlands Skylark

1st Bill Weddell 88lb

2nd Colin Bailey 66lb 11oz

3rd Chris Weddell 56lb 5oz

Possibly club record for best match weight.  50lb did not even frame.  Fish caught in spells but long spells without.  Average catches 20lb +.


12th July 2013

Juniors match Brenkley

1st Harry Cardy 3lb +


1st Jean Appleby 1lb 12oz

2nd Keith Mellick 1lb 2oz

3rd Brian Briggs 15oz

Evening series 3 Horton

1st tony Dixon 4lb 8oz

2nd Steve Clarke 2lb 9oz

3rd George Emmerson 2lb 9oz

Summer series Woodlands Partridge

1st Bill Prideaux 64lb 3oz

2nd Terry Mather 55lb 10oz

Joint 3rd Chris Weddle and Les Evans 39lb 8oz

All anglers caught

Coming up..............

21st July Evening Series Horton

28th July Woodlands Skylark

4th August QEII Trophy

18th August Bob Hall junior Trophy Milkhope

25th August Carpvale match lake


24th June 2013

Roy Hebden Charity Match Horton Grange

1st Ian Hunter 4lb 8oz

2nd Tony Dixon 2lb 15oz

3rd John Bull 2lb 10oz

A lot of weights around the 2lb mark

Evening Series 2 Horton Grange

1st Terry Mather 4lb 2oz

2nd Vince Dack 4lb 2 oz

3rd Ian Hunter 2lb 13oz


Reported to have yielded a 14lb + bream and a 25lb + Pike.  Other than that it's fishing well for double figure carp.


Fishing now.  Watch out for the small carp though, they can give you a good fight (fish a couple of inches over depth if you can't get a bite)! Plenty tench and roach but bream are not having it yet.


Again double figure carp coming out.  Billy Brown Jnr. caught a nice 12lb fish and Colin Bailey a 15lb fish.  Just starting to wake up for the smaller fish - red maggot close in (shhhh!..... don't let on).

Horton Grange

As above.  Pleasure nets of 50+ fish.  Small Ide and roach but bigger fish in the margins - be patient and don't overfeed!

Tyne Anglers Alliance Scupper Hydro plans Hexham

Visit the website for more - link on the left

Derwent Reservoir

On song for big bags of roach.  Northumbrian Water has extended the coarse fishing section of the reservoir to the dam wall area which is producing 20lb + bags of roach to Waggler and feeder tactics.


30th May 2013

Summer series Oaks Cedar

1st Bill Prideaux 37lb7oz

2nd Chris Weddle 37lb 3oz

3rd Bill Weddle 31lb 14oz

No blanks


14th May 2013

Old'ns & Young'ns

Fished last Sunday 12th May.  Four juniors turned up and all had a great days fishing.

1st Liam Evens and Grandad 5lb 7oz

2nd Taylor Green & M Roper 3lb 8oz

3rd Mathew White and Dad 2lb 3oz

4th Daisy Hamill & Grandad 9oz

Best Fish of the day 2lb 2oz Tench caught by Taylor Green

Pairs Draw

HOME                                        AWAY

A DIXON M ROPER                      D JOBE L EVENS

BT HESLOP BD HESLOP              Paul Sinton  Ash Fowler

G EMMERSON Ian Hunter           J Bull  Bill Prideaux

E PLAYFORD Colin Bailey              Derrick Dixon  Allan Kelly

All matches to be fished by the next meeting


3rd May 2013

First summer series results Oaks Maple

1st Chris Weddle 27lb 13 oz

2nd Les Evens 23lb 8oz

3rd Ian Bullock 23lb

31 turned out no blanks

Angling Trust North East Freshwater Forum

Wednesday 15th May EA Offices, Tyneside House, Newcastle, Skinnerburn Road Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7AR.

Starting at 6:30pm with a short AGM to elect Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer all of which are open to nominations.

If you would like to attend this Open Day event please confirm your attendance in advance by emailing John Cheyne on john.cheyne@anglingtrust.net or get in touch with us at WACAC and we will inform the Angling Trust on your behalf.

Not a member of the Angling Trust? Click on the link in the Angling Club Links menu on the left and find out how to join and more.

Free Riverfly training on the Wansbeck 19th May

Northumberland Rivers Trust is holding a free training session to help anglers identify river flies on 19th May 2013. If any members would be interested, please contact Pete Kerr p.kerr@tiscali.co.uk. Probably at Wallington.


11th April 2013


No changes to the constitution.  Funds healthy.  £1.00 across the board automatic rise to annual subs -  no other submissions.  Chairman retires after 25 years on the committee as does the secretary.  New committee voted in en bloc - no objections. NOB

Forthcoming events

This month Juniors and Ladies matches

Carp overnighter

Away trip to Oaks Sessay

Still time for the pairs which will be drawn at Mays meeting

First meeting of the new committee will be on Monday 29th April at The Clayton Arms Dudley 7:30 prompt.


18th March 2013

April club meeting

Is a week later than usual due to the Easter break and will follow immediately after the AGM on 9th April at the Dudley and Weetslade social club (see top right for directions)


10th March 2013

Last winter league

1st Brendan Heslop 130z

2nd Tony Dixon 8oz

3rd Derek Dixon 7oz


Overall top 3

1st Vince Dack

2nd Terry Mather

3rd Brendan Heslop



1st March 2013

AGM 9th April

Any proposed changes to the constitution must be submitted in writing, dated and signed at least 2 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.


25th February 2013

Winter league results

Winter series 6

1st Terry Mather 2lb 12oz

2nd Vince Dack 1lb4oz

3rd Collin Bailey 12oz

Winter series 5

1st Ian bullock 1lb 6oz

2nd Vince Dack 1lb 5oz

3rd Tony Dixon 0.13oz

Last match is scheduled for 10th March (not 9th)


8th February 2013

2013 First stocking takes place

Fish ordered for Milkhope 400 Bream and 400 Tench 6-8", for Horton Grange 200 Bream and 200 Tench 6-8" and for Brenkley 100 Bream and 100 Tench 6-8"

Delivered today (Thursday) but were bigger than expected due to a lack of smaller Tench and Bream. A few fish well over 1lb in weight plus a few bigger Tench as an added  bonus.  All in all,  bigger in size and more fish than expected. All sourced from Carpvale fisheries.

Next delivery for Horton Grange expected end of March 300 Ide and for Brenkley 200 small carp from the usual source.

Just a sample stocked today


20th January 2013

2013 Subs now due

Locks have now changed therefore you won't be able to fish until you re-join (or join as a new member).  You have up until the end of March to avoid paying the joining fee again.

Change of tack for the QEII carp - we have provisionally ordered a few of the VS Fishery carp classes to enhance the stocks and introduce a faster growing strain of fish.  We will do this every couple of years.  Visit the website HERE and watch the VSF TV videos to gain a better understanding of what size potential these fish can obtain in a short time.


24th December 2012

2012 Newsletter

See Menu on the left.  For those without access to the website, a printed copy has been sent by post along with the events list for 2013. Just in case you are asked!

As New years Day is the first Tuesday of the month, the club meeting will be held on the following Tuesday the 8th where you can join the club in order to fish.  After this date the lock combination will change.

The AGM is also held 1 week later than usual because of holidays over the Easter week.

The events for 2013 can also be found in the menu on the left and the application forms for 2013 are just below that.  The events calendar has also been updated.

Like the look of Brenkley?  Club member Peter Cowie has offered his services free of charge to ready the pond for next year and in return the club don't mind advertising his work.  He has the gear to tackle any job from garden tidy ups to full landscaping projects . You can contact Peter on 0191 2660358.

One last work party of the year on Friday 28th December meet at Horton Grange 10:00am to build and install fish havens.

Oh yes, don't forget to support the Pikeathlon which is a 14 day round the country fishing marathon ending up at the QEII on March the 9th supported by angling greats such as Martin Bowler, John Wilson and Mick Brown -    Details Here

 All the best for 2013



17th December 2012

Fur & Feather

1st Vince Dack 0.13oz

2nd Bill Prideaux 0.08oz

3rd Ian Bullock 0.05oz


11th December 2012

3rd Winter League

1st Tommy Smith 10oz

2nd Vince Dack 7½

3rd Brendan Heslop / Alan Stevens 1oz

No meeting New Years Day

First meeting will be 8th January 2013.  Anglers can fish until then.  After this date you must have paid your subs for 2013


26th November 2012

2nd Winter League

1st Vince Dack 2lb 7.5oz

2nd Willy Thomas 2lb 7oz (including a 1lb 11oz perch)

3rd Ian Bullock 1lb 8oz


15th November 2012

Fontburn Roach

Over the four days anglers caught 163 roach weighing 81½lb.  Some almost weighing 1lb.  All stocked into Horton Grange.

Anglers are also reporting catches of 5-6lb each session while fishing Horton and that's before the stocking!


6th November 2012

Winter league postponed this weekend (11th Nov)

Most anglers have opted to fish for the roach at Fontburn. Register at the lodge at 9:00am before fishing. Also this Wednesday and next same time.


28th October 2012

First Winter league fished today

1st Terry Mather 3lb 7oz

2nd Willy Thomas 2lb 0oz

3rd Vince Dack 1lb 4oz


22nd October 2012

Cormorant control

Anyone who is registered with the club to control cormorants can you please provide a copy of your current shotgun licence if you intend to help control these birds.  The cormorant licence has been renewed and allows twice the amount of cormorants to be managed.

Fish Havens

In tandem, members are creating bespoke deterrents at minimal cost in the hope of making it difficult for cormorants to chase fish through our waters. 10 such havens have been constructed and placed into Horton Grange already for this winter with more planned over the Christmas week(s) to see if they have a positive effect on the fishing.  Also while installing the havens yesterday, the fish finder picked up a large presence of fish in the lake.  This is backed up by recent catch reports of larger bream, larger Ide and roach.

Fish Havens under construction

The finished article

A nice bream from Horton Grange

A nice 10lb carp from Brenkley


Monthly Club Meetings.
Dudley Social Club. Western Terrace Dudley NE23 7JF. Still the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (no meeting August)
Membership covers 8 waters
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